Lushano Forssman


  • Age: 25
  • City: Cape Town

  • Model Agency: D&A Model Management

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My inspiration is my cousin Dr. Cival Mills, who recently passed. living by the motto " Always be astonished by your own abilities". As of late, it's by those words I try to live by, and hope as I live my life, I inspire others the way he has. I am fun but shy. I love to keep fit ,be outdoors and do things spontaneously. My bucket list is long and I keep adding to it daily. I can't say where my life is headed, but I believe that my time will come. I have been doing modelling for a year now and it has been fun and challenging, and a new found passion of mine. I have a sever case of Wanderlust. Though traveling abroad has not come easy to me, it is definitely my aim. Being a model and beauty therapist professionally opens many doors for me , I am still just waiting for my door to be opened in either direction. I have a great sense of humour but know when to be serious. I love a good laugh, the kind where your cheeks feel stiff and your stomach hurts and I am privileged to have that everyday with the people in my life.

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