Hello summer lovers everywhere! My passion in life is travelling the world.  I’ve travelled to twenty countries stretching across four different continents. I’m always eager to get out of my comfort zone to discover a unique, unknown destination.  Another passion of mine is photography, so when I travel I tend to see the country through the lens of my camera. I find myself constantly snapping pictures of the landscapes, architecture, and people from all around the globe


After a childhood of cold Wisconsin winters I started spending summers abroad in Spain, Costa Rica and South Africa… and never looked back! I officially study Advertising and PR at Michigan State University and unofficially study the art of traveling at my own fictional university, the College of Wanderlust.  Always traveling with no intentions to stop, my free time is spent planning my next adventure around the globe (where it isn’t snowing) and writing about it on World Swimsuit.


Searing hot summers, sandy beaches and mountains to stand guard over my adventures sums up my perfect setting.  I’m happiest lying in the warm sand with a good book, writing, cooking or trawling designer boutiques when travelling. I’m crazy about travelling (I even get excited about the flights and have a weird thing about travel socks…it’s not an addiction unless you have 60 pairs) and as long as it’s summer I’m happy. My favourite travel spots so far have been Krabi in Thailand and Chicago in the United States.

Dom and Emma

Contributing editors Emma Donovan and Dominique Kotze have a knack for story telling and never get tired of exploring summer hot spots around the globe. Find out more at  www.yellowdoorcollective.com