World Swimsuit Rookie Mariana Fernandes stars alongside Roland Schoeman for Cell C

World Swimsuit Rookie, stunning gorgeous Brazilian Mariana Fernandes stars alongside Olympic Gold Medalist Roland Schoeman in the latest blockbusting commercial for Communications Giant Cell C. Amazing, inspiring commercials have come to be expected from Cell C and this one does not disappoint. The premise behind the commercial is that anything is possible, if you believe. We were lucky enough to catch up with Roland Schoeman who shared his experience of the day with us.

Did you enjoy spending time in the water without the pressure of having to win a race? Being involved with the Cell C ad and getting to work with so many amazing people truly was a memorable experience for me. It really is quite amazing to see how much really goes into making a 30sec - 1min TV commercial. It gave me a great appreciation for what they do and it also reaffirmed to me that in swimming, business and in the case of this ad as well, everyone only tends to see the end product. Not many people get to see the incredible hard work that goes in.

What do you think of your co-star Mariana Fernandes? I just recently got back from Rio, Mariana is Brazilian and we had a good time chatting about the cuisine and experiences in and around Rio. We chatted a bit about the Olympics being out there next year and she was interested to hear my perspective on what I thought of the facilities and how the games would be run. I think the biggest challenge for all of us during that ad was the water temperature. The water was ice cold and made being in there for more than a few minutes a pretty interesting. Not only was Mariana a pleasure to work with, I had the privilege of shooting with Sarah Havard and Sobantu, I think I like this acting thing!

Is it more of less challenging than swimming for gold? It's two entirely different experiences. Swimming and racing for gold is something I have done for years. Shooting a tv commercial in cold water and being directed on what to do and what not to do was something I'm definitely not familiar with. I loved the opportunity to be out of my comfort zone though. It really is such a unique opportunity that I feel blessed to have been a part of. The crew and actors I had the opportunity to work with are all such good people that it made it a pleasure to be involved in.

Do you think that mermaids could possibly be real? Greek Mythology has stories of mermaids dating back to 1000BC. Maybe folklore is based on some sort of half truth. If that's the case I can't help but wonder if there aren't mermaids out there. With less than 5% of the ocean explored I'd say anything is possible. Hopefully it has the body of a human and tail of a fish, not body of a fish and legs of a human. If the latter is the case no wonder they stay hidden

We also had a chat to Mariana Fernandes and she had this to say:

Being a mermaid is every girl’s fantasy, did you enjoy being a mermaid for a day? It was such fun to be able to be a mermaid for a day, we girls all had that dream as a child so it was bucket list tagged. thanks to you guys from cell c.

What colour tail did you imagine you would have when you were little? I always thought it would be red and orange with gold scales!

What did you think of your co-star Roland Schoeman? It was a pleasure to meet Roland, he is so down to earth and a warm-hearted person, very different to what we normally expect when we meet people that deal with fans and the public all the time, so I must say it will always be a fun and great time for anyone to work or meet with him.

With a body like that you must train like an athlete too, do you think you could give Roland some competition in the swimming pool now that you have a mermaid tail? (Laughing) That is a trick question, I guess with that amazing tale I had, maybe I could try to catch him in the pool but let just be realistic that guy can swim right!

A big thanks to everyone that was involved with the production, for the patience and for being just amazing on set, I had a great time! Thank you Cell C!