World Swimsuit Maldives 2015 Diary - Day 1

On Thursday morning we started what would be a twenty four hour journey to get to the white powdery shores of the Maldives. We stepped out of our front doors to be greeted by a sunny wintry morning in Cape Town and made our way to the airport.

There a small team, making up the core of World Swimsuit creative assembled at Cape Town international, joined by one of our first models to join us at our first location, Per Aquum Niyama.

The levels of excitement were running high and we hit the skies with a feeling of glee and anticipation. We flew via Dubai where we had a lengthy layover of four hours. We boarded the next plane for the home stretch and we were all beyond excited to discover that the four hour flight to Male was scarcely populated which meant that each team member could catch up on some much needed sleep.

With twenty minutes to decent, the sunlight of Friday morning glared through the window blinds of the 7773 aircraft and for the first time we could see the blue ocean dappled below with white sandy islands popping up like ice cream in a coke float.

All of us were dressed for the winter in Cape Town and when the cabin crew opened up the flight doors we were hit by the balmy heat of the Maldivian morning.

We took a while to clear customs, however as each one of us came through we were warmly greeted and ushered to the air-conditioned lounge to wait for the sea plane.

The sea plane might just be the favourite part of our journey to get to the resort, the roar of the propellers and the smell of sea air mingled with petrol, none of us could contain our excitement and the travel weary thoughts from a moment before vanished at the incredibly view from the plane floating high above the brilliant blue.

Fourty five minutes later we touched down in the turquoise waters fringing the incredible resort that is PER AQUUM NIYAMA.

We hopped out of the plane to be greeted by Didi and his superb team, cold towels to freshen up and a special welcome drink of grapefruit and lemon grass is just what the doctor ordered after the long journey.

The team explored the island guided by the staff from Per Aquum Niyama and were then treated to incredible lunch in the BLU restaurant overlooking the ocean. After lunch we all headed off to have a nap and catch up on some emails.

The highlight has to be the special dinner that we were treated to at the Afro – Latin American restaurant, Tribal. A menu consisting of Warm Ostrich Bobotie, Mahi Mahi Dorado, Carbonado and a spectacular Lemongrass Panacotta.

Earlier in the day we learned that it is a very lucky omen to see Dolphins as you’ll have good luck the whole day… We haven’t seen any Dolphins yet but we feel pretty lucky so far!  

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