World Swimsuit Hot Playlist for June/July 2014

The perfect workout could very much rely on what exactly is on that iPod of yours. In fact, it’s almost nearly impossible to workout without great music. The only trouble is, your music is dated and you’ve grown tired of Dave Guetta’s ‘Titanium!’ So we thought we would do some research for you so the only thing stopping you from looking great, is you.

On a side note, there is nothing wrong with singing to the music when you are working up a sweat, we just don’t recommend doing it out loud.

  • Pharrell Williams – Marilyn Monroe
  • Calvin Harris - Summer
  • Lilly Allen – Hard Out Here
  • Katie Perry – Birthday
  • Hideaway – Kiesza
  • Second City – I Wanna Feel
  • Rita Ora - I Will Never Let You Down
  • Mr Probz – Waves
  • Pitbull feat G.R.L – Wild Wild Love
  • Avicci – Wake Me up (still a favourite)

These aren’t necessarily all of our favourite songs, but these are certainly the songs that get everyone here at World Swimsuit motivated to get through a workout, at the moment.

If you think you have a better playlist for us, let us know. We’re always excited to see what you are listening to when you are pushing your body to the limit.

- Dale Ferreira