Introducing Candice Boucher

The second star to be welcomed back to shoot for World Swimsuit’s 2015 issue is brunette stunner Candice Boucher. South African born Candice Boucher has appeared in advertising campaigns for Fila and Speedo and also starred as the face for Guess Jeans. She has featured in GQ, Cosmopolitan and Elle to name but a few.

Candice Boucher for World Swimsuit

Not just a pretty face, Candice appeared in a starring role in one of the most expensive films ever made in Bollywood, in the movie Aazaan, Candice Boucher plays the character Afreen, who falls in love with the main character and their love is central to the plot.

Candice Boucher is also currently a presenter on a very popular TV show in South Africa called Pasella, Candice and her crew travel all across South Africa exploring all the interesting places and meeting people from all over.

Candice Boucher is very much part of the World Swimsuit family and has worked with the team on no less than six swimsuit shoots, the 2015 issue will be her seventh year with World Swimsuit.

Her captivating blue-green eyes and that bodacious body is what makes her a firm favourite amongst World Swimsuit fans, we can’t wait to welcome Candice to the island.

Check out this awesome video of Candice.