Getting to know Ziyanda Msomi

Tell us about your journey up to now? I started going to modelling classes when I was sixteen and from then I have done a lot show and shot for great products like Avon.

Who is the first person you called when you found out that you’re a finalist? I called my mother she is my biggest supporter.

What is your Signature physical feature? My jawline

Give us your Words to live by: Believe in yourself and have faith in all that you do.

You’re in great shape; tell us a bit about your exercise regime: Spin classes and squats.

What are Beauty essentials for you? My Yardley products

If you had to pick one feature to make-up… Eyes or lips: Eyes

Air-dry or blowout: Blowout

What is the best advice you ever got from your mom: To always believe in myself and have faith.

Best advice from the pros: Never give up the industry is tough but you will make it.

What do you consider a necessary splurge? Shopping.

Fragrance of choice: DKNY Pure

Who is your icon? Tyra Banks

Where has been your favourite location to shoot? Durban Beach

What is your favourite city to visit? Cape Town

Name one thing on your bucket list… Going to Dubai

Who is your favourite photographer to work with? I Don’t have a specific one I love everyone that I have worked with and had amazing results with.

Do you like to cook? What is your favourite dish? I love to cook my favourite dish is lasagna.

A bit of a naughty question… Do you have a beau? If yes how did you meet? What attracted you to him? Yes. We met in December and have been inseparable since then, he is just a really amazing free spirit