Getting to know Katelyn Barkhuizen

Katelyn Barkhuizen completed the model search with no less than an astonishing 16,892 votes in total! We get to know this flaxen haired beauty from Gauteng.

Katelyn Barkhuizen

Tell us a little bit about your journey up to now? I matriculated from Cornwall Hill College in 2013 and am currently studying fashion design at Spero Villioti Elite Design Academy.  School was never easy for me and I can clearly remember an Occupational Therapist telling me that some people get given an easy path in life but mine would be more like riding a bike through rough mountain terrain. I didn’t really get it, even after she drew a picture but looking back I can see what she meant. I’ve learnt to work harder which has paid off for me now because I know I can conquer anything I put my mind to.  The modelling industry has been incredibly tough for me to break into and there are plenty of times when I’ve wanted to walk away but it’s a passion which runs through my veins, it’s my happy place and although the personal rejection is heartbreaking I’m willing to keep coming back for more. I know that the really bad days are followed by the occasional amazing days – like finding out you’ve been selected as a finalist in the World Swimsuit SA Model Search 2015 (best and most unbelievable moment EVER) the girls are all so stunning and I can’t believe I’ve made it to join them.   I’m surrounded by an amazing and supportive family and incredible friends from school and college; I’m blessed in every way possible to get the support from everyone close to me. I have to give a HUGE shout out to the Centurion community for all their votes, complete strangers got on board who were as passionate about my dream as I am, it’s remarkable to know that there are such selfless people out there who are willing to take on my battle and fight alongside me for my dream. It’s really uplifting to know I belong to such a community. My ultimate dream is to be a swimsuit model!!  

Who is the first person you called when you found out that you’re a finalist? My mom was in the car when I opened the email, she would have been the first one I would have called, so in this situation it was Pam Reynecke an awesome lady I know who got behind me on this campaign and convinced Centurion to vote for me, she’s been an amazing inspiration and never at any point thought of stopping at 10 000 votes - she was going for the 50 000 mark.

What is your Signature physical feature? My legs and bum get the most attention.

Give us your Words to live by: Don’t let the fear of what could happen make nothing happen.

You’re in great shape; tell us a bit about your exercise regime:  I wake-up at 5:00am most mornings of the week to go to gym unless I’ve had a late night assignment to hand in. At gym I run, skip and tone with light weights or body resistance. I go to Pilates twice a week after college and when I can fit it in I love Yoga. Studying fashion design doesn’t allow for much free time, so when I have it I train. I try to stay away from Carbs although I love a good pasta.

What are Beauty essentials for you? My only essentials are lip gloss, light base and mascara, I like to keep my skin as natural as possible so I don’t use a lot of make-up.

What is your skincare secret? I use Estée Lauder for my normal face care regime, bath in Olive Oil twice a week and rub coconut oil into my skin three times a week and drink lots of Green Tea. 

If you had to pick one feature to make-up… Eyes or lips:  I would choose eyes.

Air-dry or blowout:  Air-Dry.

What is the best advice you ever got from your mom:  My mom has taught me respect - I greet a janitor with the same respect I greet a CEO. She also taught me no matter how many times I get knocked down to get back up and try again but harder and that I should never give up on my dream.

Best advice from the pros:  To be patient, your time will come.

What do you consider a necessary splurge?  Chocolate.  

Drugstore favourite:  Vitamins.

Fragrance of choice: Victoria Secret - Angel

Who is your icon? Candice Swanepoel.

Where has been your favourite location to shoot? I haven’t done a location shoot out of Pretoria, but doing a shoot in a tropical destination is on my bucket list.

What is your favourite city to visit? New York.

Name one thing on your bucket list… To shoot at a tropical destination under a water fall.

Who is your favourite photographer to work with? This is a tough one, I love all the photographers I’ve shot with as they all capture something different but if I had to choose one it would be Tarryn Hatchett because she got something out of me I never knew I had!

Do you like to cook?  Not really.

What is your favourite dish? Tomato pasta with olives.

A bit of a naughty question… Do you have a beau?  Funny enough I just met someone – we not dating yet.

If yes how did you meet? At a Mansion fashion show, he’s also a model.

What attracted you to him? We just got on so well when we met, he’s tall, good looking, honest, kind and well mannered (he even opened the car door for me).

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