Getting to know Chanelle Soncini

Chanelle Soncini

Tell us about your journey up to now? It's been one hell of a ride, to put it bluntly haha! After I matriculated, I moved to Cape Town to model full time, I've had the opportunity to have travelled to different cities for work since then and its been awesome! I've definitely experienced many ups and downs through the journey, but one thing I know, is that my journey is not even half way, but I'm looking forward to whatever life has to throw at me.

Who is the first person you called when you found out that you’re a finalist? My mom was right by my side, so naturally I freaked out and told her!

What is your Signature physical feature? Definitely my Eyes

Give us your Words to live by: Everything happens for a reason. Don't let life get you down, being positive is key!

You’re in great shape; tell us a bit about your exercise regime: Its not easy. Running and Pilates are a favourite however.

What are Beauty essentials for you? Mascara and lip moisturizer

What is your skincare secret? Always go to bed with a clean face and don't over treat your skin. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing.

If you had to pick one feature to make-up… Eyes or lips: Eyes 100%

Air-dry or blowout: Air-dry if I'm by the ocean, otherwise blowout.

What is the best advice you ever got from your mom: “Not to be in a rush to get married and have babies when you're young, to enjoy your youth and explore all your opportunities”

Best advice from the pros: Be yourself – There is only one You

What do you consider a necessary splurge? Quest Bars... Strange, I know!

Drugstore favourite: Quest bars, Dischem is the only place I can get them.

Fragrance of choice: Guess Seductive

Who is your icon? Adriana Lima & my Mom

Where has been your favourite location to shoot? Sydney, Australia

What is your favourite city to visit? Although I haven't been there yet, I'll say New York because I know once iv been there it will be my #1

Name one thing on your bucket list… To be able to say “I'm living my dream”.

Who is your favourite photographer to work with? Oh gosh...I cant choose, most of them are amazing! But if I must, I might say Fanie Nel, he's just a bundle of joy!

Do you like to cook? What is your favourite dish? Of course I do! Hmmm, ribs ribs and some good veg

A bit of a naughty question… Do you have a beau? If yes how did you meet? What attracted you to him? I do I do! We “met” in matric at a friends house. He wasnt even supposed to be there, and we actually didnt even formally meet that night. I pretty much made the first move (thank you Facebook), and ever since then we've been together. What attracted me to him was his mysteriousness that night, and his 'up to no good' personality...aah and so much more...

What does a guy need to do to win your heart? Be himself and confident, but NOT arrogant