Getting to know Carly Lottering

Carly Lottering is a gorgeous 18 year old bombshell from Cape Town, we got up close and personal to ask a couple of questions.

Carly Lottering

Tell us a little bit about your journey up to now? I started modelling when I moved to Cape Town about two and a half years ago. Since then I’ve travelled to India, London and Turkey and worked with a range of local and International clients from Clicks to L’Oreal. This journey has allowed me to meet and get to know amazing people and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Who is the first person you called when you found out that you’re a finalist?  My dad, he’s supported me since the beginning.

What is your signature physical feature?  I would say my eyes 

Give us your Words to live by:  Be happy, be kind and know that everything happens for a reason.

You’re in great shape; tell us a bit about your exercise regime:  I do yoga (Bikram) 4-5 times a week combined with speed walking. I love the outdoors and try and do hikes when I get the chance. In summer times I love swimming.

What are Beauty essentials for you?  Hydrating face cream, 40+ sunscreen, Mascara

What is your skincare secret?  Never go to bed with make-up and drink a lot of water! 

If you had to pick one feature to make-up… Eyes or lips:  Eyes 

Air-dry or blowout:  Air-dry 

What is the best advice you ever got from your mom:  Treat everyone with respect no matter their background or social standing.

Best advice from the pros:  Never compare yourself to others

What do you consider a necessary splurge?  I think most girls would back me if I said all the clothes we buy are necessary. Just joking wink but I like splurging on classic clothing pieces or eating at a nice restaurant with friends. 

Drugstore favourite:  Almay Mascara 

Fragrance of choice:  J’adore by Dior 

Who is your icon?  Nelson Mandela

Where has been your favourite location to shoot?  Llandudno 

What is your favourite city to visit?  Rhonda in Spain 

Name one thing on your bucket list…  Climb to the highest peak in every continent

Who is your favourite photographer to work with?  That’s too difficult to choose, I have too many favorites.

Do you like to cook? What is your favourite dish?  I love to cook! Homemade hamburgers with sweet potato chips

A bit of a naughty question… Do you have a beau? If yes how did you meet? What attracted you to him?  Maybe wink

If not… What does a guy need to do to win your heart?  Have a great sense of humor, be honest and kind and just accept me the way I am. And bonus points for ice cream.

Keep an eye on our social pages to see how Carly fares at the Finalist shoot! Carly Lottering is with Fanjam in Cape Town.