Behind the scenes with RVCA

Daniela Lopez Osorio World Swimsuit

Alongside some of the world’s most beautiful models and exotic locations the other ‘star’ of World Swimsuit are the bikinis and accessories from some of the leading fashion brands in the world.

As we build up to the launch date for #WorldSwimsuit2015 we will be releasing some teaser images to get you excited for the new ranges coming out and information on where to see more from these wonderful brands. Today we feature some hot behind the scenes with RVCA, enjoy!

Genevieve Morton World Swimsuit

Above: Genevieve Morton wearing RVCA and her Memi Necklase 

Above: Maja Krag wearig RVCA and Jessica Lee Buchanan

Above: Maja Krag in a crazy sexy RVCA bikini

Above: Maja Krag looking blue in a RVCA shift dress on the sandy shores of Per Aquum Niyama Maldives.

Above: Maja Krag's best come hither look, sporting a gorgeous RVCA bikini

Above: Ever-so-sexy Samantha Hoopes posing in her RVCA bikini

Above: Gorgeous Tatiana Pajkovic wearing a stunning RVCA bikini and her Memi necklase.

Above: Solveig Mork Hansen in her RVCA bikini