Behind the scenes with Maja Krag

Above: Maja Krag being interviewed for TV.

Maja Krag and her sparkling personality joined us at the Per Aquum Niyama resort after travelling for over 24 hours and normal people would be exhausted, crabby even - But Maja was the life of the party! Her fantastic attitude and infections spirit made her an absolute dream to work with. This Danish beauty has a killer sense of humour and anyone that comes into contact with her leaves with a smile on their face.

In the searing heat, which would have most wilting and whining for shade and a glass of water Maja was ready to shoot. Such a winner to work with someone who is so willing to do anything that it takes to get the shot, the whole team absolutely loved her!

Check out some stunning behind the scenes pics of this gorgeous girl.

Above: Maja Krag on set

Above: Maja Krag at the Per Aquum Niyama Resort

Above: Maja Krag being shot at one of the stunning villas

Maja Krag

Above: Maja Krag in a stunning RVCA bikini

Maja Krag

Above: Maja Krag being shot.