Behind the scenes with Bridgestone South Africa

Bandos resort

We were incredibly pleased to have Bridgestone South Africa on board as one of our sponsors for this year’s trip to the Maldives. The models and team alike had a great time shooting interesting video content for Bridgestone and we simply can’t wait to see the results – stay tuned to our Youtube channel for some exciting videos!

An important part of Bridgestone’s mission is the Bridgestone Pink Drive campaign, the campaign aims to raise awareness for breast cancer, the models and team got fully behind and it added a sense of purpose to proceedings knowing that we were working on something that extends beyond the boundaries of the gorgeous islands we were on. It’s a drive we urge you to give your full support on.

To #ShareTheJourney follow Bridgestone South Africa on Instagramtwitterfacebook and their website.

We hope you enjoy these behind the scenes images from Bridgestone in the Maldives.

Carly Lottering Laura Xenia Deli Bianca Koyabe World Swimsuit

Bianca Koyabe ad Carly Lottering

Genevieve Morton for World Swimsuit

Samantha Hoopes for World Swimsuit

Solveig Mork Hansen for World Swimsuit