Behind the scenes with Billabong

Candice Boucher World Swimsuit

Above: Candice Boucher in a bright Billabong bikini.

Alongside some of the world’s most beautiful models and exotic locations the other ‘star’ of World Swimsuit are the bikinis and accessories from some of the leading fashion brands in the world.

Today we bring you Candice Boucher, Laura Rasiukeviciute, Samantha Hoopes, Carly Lottering, Tatiana Pajkovic and Daniela Lopez Osorio shooting for Billabong during #WorldSwimsuit2015.

Billabong are a massive player in the international swimsuit industry and their sexy, stylish and colourful bikinis are always well loved by the models during the shoot.

Carly Lottering World Swimsuit

Above: Carly Lottering being shot by Jacques Weyers and Paul Charles

Daniela Lopez Osorio

Above: Daniela Lopez Osorio being filmed behind the scenes by Paul Charles

Laura Rasiukeviciute World Swimsuit

Above: Laura Rasiukeviciute having her make-up done by Merle

Samantha Hoopes World Swimsuit

Above: Samantha Hoopes showing off her spoils from The Body Shop South Africa, wearing a gorgeous Billabong bikni

Above: Tatiana Pajkovic being shot at the Bandos Island Resort.

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