Behind the scenes with Actos skin shoes

Above: Daniela Lopez Osorio being filmed by Paul wearing his favourite new Actos.

When you’re in and out of the water stepping over rocks and coral reefs on tropical islands it’s a massive boost to have a pair of Actos Skin Shoes handy to protect your feet from cuts, scrapes. 

The snug fit, ultra-lightweight and rugged design mean that Actos Skin Shoes stay on and do the job while you get on with yours. Actos Skin Shoes aren’t only for the water as they provide a minimalist, bare-foot utility for yoga, pilates, weight training, indoor sports, parasailing, kayaking, cycling, jogging, walking, fishing… The list goes on!

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Here are some hot behind the scenes pictures of the team and models in their Actos.

Above: Jessica Buchanan wearing her Actos Skin Shoes

Above: Maja Krag in her Actos